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 Finding My Type.   

Many of you have been
asking about:

"personality types ENFP are attracted to"
"ENFP soulmates"
"INFP ENFP compatibility"
"ENFP and humor"
"ENFP personality type"
"INFP happiness"
"INFJ ESTP relationship"
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Questions people have
asked me about Type Relationships:

Does this work with my personal relationships as well?
Are all types compatible?
What types are most compatible?
How can I understand someone different than me? 
I just discovered that my spouse is the exact opposite to me? Can our relationship survive?

       A Little about Me
Since 1991, I have been a qualified MBTI® practitioner, working personally with clients, as well as with educational, religious and corporate groups. Whether establishing personal identity, career fit, relational and communication strategies, learning styles, or team building, I have seen many people whose lives and relationships have been enhanced.

My passion comes from my own personal journey of discovery, beginning with interrupted identity growth when my mother died when I was 9, followed by a step-family of diverse personality types. The MBTI® instrument became my mentor in identity recovery. My consequent study and application is what I bring to you.

    One couple's experience:

"Taking MBTI sessions before we married helped us first understand and appreciate ourselves for who God made us to be and then helped  us discover each other in a deeper way. This practical understanding of one another created more effective communication between us leading to a more meaningfull  and intimate relationship in our marriage."

 Kevin & Ruth Solski

Welcome to the site that takes personality types..
..a step further

Gain insights through self-discovery!
Find and develop your Leadership Style!
Enhance your best relationships!
Eliminate nagging conflicts with family, friends and lovers!

From Marg Buller

Our desire is to help you grow in your personal life, as well as in your relationships, both at home and in the work place. We believe an understanding of Personalities can greatly enable you in that process, giving you insights into your personal identity, life purpose and life balance. From that perspective, your understanding of, and interactions with others can greatly enhance respect and trust in your relationships.

Whether you desire a fleeting look, or an indepth understanding of your identity, we would like to offer:

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You can take action NOW to discover your personality type and relationship needs through an understanding of MBTI® personality applications!

So what's your Type?

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The MBTI ® Types can be categorized into 4 behavioral Personalities:



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Are you ready for
more meaningful relationships?

You must take an important step!

Your Personality Type reveals unique perspectives, strengths, underlying motivations and passions that make up your unique identity.
When these are not understood or respected, relationship suffers.

What was intriguing and charming in another can turn into irritation
unless you understand differences in perspective..

That's where a true understanding and application of Type can transform your relationship from painful identity-bashing to an appreciative synergy that
maximizes and harmonizes your relationship.

“Keys to Relationship Compatibility” is written to help you understand and appreciate your personality differences.

Learn the Keys that will transform your relationship Keys to Relationship Compatibility

Table of Contents:

Ch. 1: The Complexity of Relationship Compatibility
Ch. 2: Essential Attitudes for Successful Relationships
Ch. 3: Myths and Truths About Compatibility
Ch. 4: The 4 Basic Measurements of the MBTI
Ch. 5: Checking Your Type through a  Fun Quiz
Ch. 6: A Brief Summary of the 16 Types
Ch. 7: The Type Chart and What it Reveals
Ch. 8: Key #1  The Energizing Factor
Ch. 9: Key #2  The Perception Problem
Ch. 10: Key #3 The Decision Dilemma
Ch. 11: Key #4  The Lifestyle Preferences
Ch. 12: Natural Personality Compatibility
Ch. 13: Conclusions

How you will benefit from..
Applying Personality Type understanding to your relationships:

Helps you to understand each other's perspective
Produces greater harmony from less misunderstandings
Develops greater appreciation for the uniqueness of another
Teaches you how to show respect, which helps develop trust
Shows how to encourage the other deeply
Shows you how to combine strengths, overcome weaknesses
Gives you a good communication base
Answers the question, "Who's compatible with who?"

Our Personalities Revealed ebook 
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Myers Briggs Type Indicator as it relates to you. It is being offered FREE
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