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Hi, I'm Marg

President of 

       "The Creative Caring Centre".

I 've been in the "Personality Identification" business since 1991
serving individuals, and groups for Personal Identity, Relationships,
Career Direction,
Life Purpose, Teambuilding and Leadership.

My Expertise:
Through my company, "The Creative Caring Centre", I have coached people in:
    • identification and understanding of their personal Type
    • relationship compatibility understanding
    • conflict resolution
    • communication across Types
    • career suitability
    • spirituality and giftedness of Types
    • "Living from the Heart"
I have also used Personality Type for Team building in businesses, and conducted numerous other workshops both in businesses and community groups on topics similar to the above.

My Passion:
To help individuals identify what it means for them to "Live from the Heart" and be enabled to embrace it for maximizing their life and effectiveness in fulfilling their life purpose.

My Purpose for creating this site:
To be able to share what has been instumental in transforming my life for the benefit of a wider audience by:
  1. helping you understand your unique identity & maximizing your strengths
  2. guiding you in the best direction for your life vocationally
  3. bringing you joy through enriched relationships
I invite you to join me on the journey!
Marg Buller

Comments others have shared about my work:

Marg has helped kick-start a journey for me to really know and accepy who I am. With this, my life now has less guilt, fear and insecurity. I have more confidence, humility and happiness. I was also able to find a vocation that brings our my strengths and helps me enjoy who God has made me to be, even as I continue to grow and change. Thanks, Marg!
Young Do

"Taking MBTI sessions before we married helped us first understand and appreciate ourselves for who God made us to be and then helped us discover each other in a deeper way. 
This practical understanding of one another created more effective communication between us leading to a more meaningfull and intimate relationship in our marriage."
Kevin & Ruth Solski

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