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The Personalities

with Myers-Briggs® Types

Guardian -estj,istj,esfj,isfj 

 Artisan - estp,istp,esfp,isfp  

Idealist - enfj,infj,enfp,infp

Rational - entj,intj,entp,intp

  You can clarify your personality type and life direction  just as Young Do has.
Young Do says:
Marg has helped kick start a journey for me to really know and accept who I am. With this, my life now has less guilt, fear and insecurity. I have more confidence, humility and happiness. I was also able to find a vocation that brings out my strengths and helps me enjoy who God has made me to be, even as I continue to grow and change. Thanks Marg!

Are you wondering why knowing your personality type.. so important?

Finding Your Personality Type is seldom an easy process.

While online quick quizzes may be fun and even revealing, they often miss the clarity you need to really understand yourself.

Confusion can set in about:
The real you (nature) and the person you've become (nurture)
Your "Real" self vs. your "Work" self.
Are you satisfied with basing your career or an important relationship on the answers to a quick quiz?
Are you willing to chance being steered away from your life purpose, when an accurate assessment could give valuable guidance in achieving your life dreams?

Official Online MBTI Testing

Two Options:
1. Official MBTI(R) Online

2. Career Package Online

(a) The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
(b) The Strong Interest Inventory (Career choices)
Two Formats:
1. One-hour group teleclass (for MBTI only)

2. One-hour personal telecoaching session

Click here for more information about the packages

All Packages Include Free Bonus

An e-book "Personalities Revealed". which expands the knowledge and basic understanding of your MBTI type and comes with your purchase of the MBTI personality or career package.

Take the plunge now! Bookmark this site so you'll be sure to find your way back.

Please note: You will be taken to a secure check-out by The Creative Caring Centre, and from there to an instruction sheet and the testing site.

I am offering this testing, the
official MBTI® instrument with a follow-up 1-hour consultation in 3 formats:

Package 1
MBTI®/Group teleclass + bonus   $59.99
Online MBTI® questionnaire + Group teleclass only $59.99 This gives you the official MBTI® Form M online questionnaire and a group interpretation teleclass scheduled within a week of your assessment. You will be emailed your results, as well as any bonuses that apply, at the end of the session.
Package 2
MBTI®/personal coaching + bonus    $109.99
Online MBTI® questionnaire + personal telecoach session only $109.99 This gives you the official MBTI® Form M online questionnaire and a one-on-one personally-scheduled interpretation session following your online session. You will be emailed your final results following your personal session along with any bonuses that apply
Package 3
MBTI®/Strong®/CareerPkg./Personal coaching    $219.99
Career Package - Online MBTI® + Strong Interest Inventory® + personal interpretation session (1 hr.+) only $219.99 This includes the official MBTI® Form M online questionnaire and profile report, Strong Interest Inventory® online questionnaire and profile report, as well as any bonuses that apply, which will be sent at the end of your personal one-on-one interpretation session following the completion of your online questionnaires. The interpretation session will be scheduled within a week of the completion of your questionnaires. (See bottom of the page for more explanation of the Strong Interest Inventory®)

**Special Bonus: A Career Report combining the MBTI® Instrument & Strong Interest Inventory® valued at $19.99.

The Strong Interest Inventory® matches your preferences with careers that would meet those criteria. It does not measure aptitude, only interest. Combined with Type understanding from the MBTI®, it assists in revealing inner passion and motivation that provide both ease and longevity in a career field. 

Strong Interest Inventory® is a registered trademark of CPP Inc.

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