MBTI Personality Types - Additional Information:

About the Myers Briggs Type Indicator

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator was researched and developed by the 1940's by a mother/daughter team, Katharine Briggs and Isabelle Briggs Myers in conjunction with Swiss Psychologist, Carl Jung. It was developed to enable people to more accurately assess proper career direction. 

The official Myers Briggs Type Indicator(R) instrument has gone through extensive testing and validation by the Psychological community since the 1950's, and is recognized as one of the most well-researched Indicators available. It also comes with a person-to-person validation process which helps to eliminate Nature/Nurture and Type/Type Mode confusions.

The Nature/Nurture Confusion

Because there is such natural confusion between who we really are at the core of our beings, ( Personality Type ) and how we actually live out our lives,( Type Mode) , it is an incredible gift to run across the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument which helps us to sort out those differences. It gives us the knowledge so we can begin to live from the heart, our core value and passion center, from which comes the dreams ,aspirations. energy, and natural equipping, for our lives. Otherwise, the clamor of the world around us tosses us about by the outer behaviors and values of those around us. 

Knowing yourself from the core of your heart enables you to:

You may be asking: “Why should I pay for an official assessment when there are so many “free” versions on the net?” That is a good question! You can gain valuable information from many sites, and I encourage you to do so, but many of us answer those questions from what we call “ Type Mode ”, which is more how we are operating at the moment. That's what I did when I was first introduced to the MBTI® instrument.

Personality Type vs. Type Mode

The value of an interpretation session, which comes with an official MBTI ® assessment, is that it helps you dig under “Type Mode” (how you're operating) to the "real you" to discover the well of passion and strength that frees you to live from your heart. This affects Career choices, as well as how you choose to live your life in relationships, hobbies and other expressions of your identity.

That's why it is superior to other free online personality tests. It validates the real you!

A curious gaze, and filling in a few personality questionnaires will undoubtedly give you an initial start on the journey, but it has been my experience that we can fall into a number of pitfalls along the way if we are not intentional about the journey: